December 20, 2023

Favorite Things 2023


Customer Success Story
– Devon Loerop

Devon Loerop: The Pacific Bin Cargo container homes are a newer type of modular and sustainable housing created by repurposing shipping containers, the large, sturdy steel boxes designed to carry goods on trucks, trains, and ships. In the last few years there has been...

At The Iron Shop, we hold a profound appreciation for quality craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and premium materials that are both beautiful and robust—elements that resonate in everything we create. As we step into the new year, we wanted to highlight some of our owner’s, Allen Cohen, favorite offerings for the DIY enthusiast, those tackling significant projects, and those who appreciate quality products like us.

1. These American Trench alpaca socks, though a bit pricey, are truly worthwhile. Alpaca, known for its superior softness and strength compared to cashmere, not only provides a sustainable alternative (given the overbreeding of cashmere goats), but is also less itchy than traditional sheep’s wool. As a bonus, American Trench is proudly American-made and headquartered in Ardmore, PA, just a stone’s throw away from us.

2. On the topic of alpaca, how about treating yourself to a new scarf featuring a Southwest-inspired pattern, similar to our new Barndo Series?

3. As an enthusiast of exceptional craftsmanship, Allen particularly adores the Cushendale wool blanket crafted from the fleece of Ireland’s exclusive Galway breed sheep—the country’s only native and indigenous sheep. Jermaine Gallagher, a sixth-generation woolen mill, represents a cherished family business. Supporting enterprises like this is something we consistently prioritize.

4. In a world where every second counts, precision matters too, and this kitchen timer excels at both! It’s a staple here at The Iron Shop.

5. While we are on the topic of kitchen tools, check out this Kingston steel precision coffee bean grinder and a genius cutting board with a bowl.

6. Maintaining order among writing and drafting tools can be an ongoing challenge. Enter the Postalco toolbox—a beautifully designed, sleek solution that not only looks great but also gets the job done.

7. Shinola is a brand we’d love to collaborate with. We admire the efforts they put into boosting businesses in Detroit. This orange Shinola sketchbook, a savior in our concept meetings, is a must-have (monogramming option available).

8. Keeping energy high is the secret to conquering every business challenge. Allen loves this nut butter and makes sure to include it in his morning routine.

9. As always, whenever we have the opportunity, we highly recommend the Remarkable tablet. Allen has generously gifted this to numerous individuals who have admired his.

10. Last but certainly not least, check out the tunes that have been keeping us inspired in the workshop this season.