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February 1, 2021

How to Refresh Your Home With Pantone’s Colors of the Year

bright room with wooden floors and a grey sofa with yellow pillows


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If you’re starting a home redesign or renovation sometime in the next few months, there’s a lot to consider.
The colors, shapes, and materials that you use for your renovation help set the tone and ambiance that make your home a more pleasing and beautiful place to live. Still, renovating can be such a big task that it’s hard to know where to start.
At the Iron Shop, we’ve got some helpful suggestions. Starting with some beautiful colors and a stand-out feature like a spiral staircase, you can make your home more beautiful, more valuable, and an overall better place to live. Here’s what we recommend.

What is the Pantone Color of the Year?

Every year, Pantone chooses an inspiring color to use in home decor. This color serves as a baseline for homeowners who need a starting point for their own redesign projects. This year, Pantone has selected two colors for the 2021 color of the year: the silvery shade they call Ultimate Gray (17-5104) and the sunny yellow known as Illuminating (13-0647).
This ingenious and beautiful combination of colors has made a splash in the world of interior decor. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate these colors into your home remodel.

How to Plan Your Home Redesign

Start planning your home redesign by choosing a main color and an accent color (like the two described above). The main color will influence the majority of the shades and hues in the room. Suppose, for example, that main color you selected for your upcoming remodel was the Pantone color Illuminating. You may select a light yellow for your walls, yellow flowers to decorate a table in the room, and a soft golden couch where you can relax.
To offset this yellow color, you may select white or cream-colored pillows and throws for the space. Perhaps on one wall, you might apply an accent wallpaper, like a white and yellow pattern.
Meanwhile, with Ultimate Gray as your accent color, you might install a concrete floor, or decorate your end table with a silvery gray scarf or table cloth. Silvery gray may even appear in the spiral staircase you install. Remember to use lighting in the room to draw attention to the many beautiful colors and bold design choices in the room.
Not sure where to start? Assemble some design or mood boards that show what you’re trying to achieve. Look for patterns in your design boards. What words would you use to describe those boards? This tells you what the common denominator is. Once you know what your goals are, working with a designer can help.

Maximize Your Space with Iron Shop Spiral Staircase

modern living room with beige sofa and yellow decor next to a black spiral staircase with silver gray multine railing and light wood treads

You might be struggling to find the right features for your home remodel. We recommend maximizing your space with an Iron Shop spiral staircase. This space-saving staircase can elevate your space by adding an element of character and beauty. We promise there’s a stair that’s compatible with your design inspiration or decor. In fact, there’s a stair to go with every design plan, and a color to go with every stair. If you’re following the Pantone colors of the year, our silver stairs will integrate nicely into your design.
We already mentioned our silver staircase that can easily be integrated into a Pantone color of the year inspired palette. Want your staircase to pop against the rest of your decor? Dark Roast finish would also work really nicely in a design plan where yellow is the main color.
Spiral staircase styles vary as much as colors. For example, the Victorian styles add elegance and artful beauty to your interior space, while the modern staircases integrate cleaner lines into the overall design.
Not sure which type of design is right for you? We recommend looking at the broader design of your home’s interior. Contemporary designs have few extra lines and focus on smooth, unbroken surfaces. For this kind of interior, we recommend the floating stairs.
Transitional styles represent a blend of classic and modern decor, with some geometric lines and some unbroken, smooth surfaces. If your home is decorated primarily in transitional styles, we recommend our custom or simple metal style stairs.
If your home is decorated primarily in heavy colors and bold, twisting lines, the Victorian-style will probably appeal to you most. Remember that you can accessorize with wood tones including on the treads and handrails.
Get help if help is needed. Use tools like PicMonkey app to help you map out your renovation and make plans for your upcoming remodel.

Why Install a Staircase by the Iron Shop?

space-saving black metal spiral staircase in a modern living room with large windows

Stairs by The Iron Shop provide access to inaccessible spaces – and they take up minimal space in your home, because they have a smaller footprint than regular staircases. They’re easy to assemble. You could easily install them as a part of a weekend project!
Our spiral stairs are also a budget-friendly option. They’re available in a range of prices and are more affordable than a traditional stair. Best of all, you don’t need an engineer or a contractor to assemble our staircases; you can do it on your own.
Ready to buy your staircase? Check out our online builder feature.
Not sure which design is right? Our design consultants are available if you get stuck.
The Iron Shop has been installing staircases for over 50 years, so we know a thing or two about our industry. We also have experience with a very diverse clientele, from typical suburban homes to upscale residential properties.
Call today to get started with your upcoming home remodel.