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It’s easy to order a METAL spiral staircase from The Iron Shop! Just complete the form below and you’ll see how affordable a beautiful METAL spiral staircase can be! You’ll need to take some height and width measurements before you begin.

*Currently we don’t offer online ordering for OAK, VICTORIAN or CUSTOM spiral stair kits. If you’d like to order an OAK, VICTORIAN or CUSTOM spiral, please call 1-800-523-7427 and speak to one of our knowledgeable salespeople. They’ll help you design and configure the best spiral stair kit to fit your budget!

  • Diameter

  • Please select the Stair Diameter from one of the available kits below that best fits your standard Square Well Opening.

    Please note that your finished square well opening must be at least 2 inches larger than the diameter of the stair you plan to install.

    Stair Diameter

    Spiral stairs are available in several different diameters (widths) depending on how much space you have available where your staircase is going to be installed. The Iron Shop offers spiral stairs in diameters ranging from 3-foot 6-inches up to 6-foot 6-inches. These are the most common widths in use today.

    While our 3-foot 6-inch, 4-foot, and 4-foot 6-inch diameter Spiral Stair Kits are very popular for a variety of uses, consider whether they are the only means of access to an upper floor or balcony. Narrower-width spiral staircases can be more challenging when carrying large or otherwise bulky items between floors. And if you have small children or pets that will use the staircase frequently, a wider-width staircase (such as our 5-foot model) may be more desirable.

    Some municipalities require spiral stairs to conform to local building codes. If applicable where you live, you must select our 5-foot diameter or larger diameter models.

    Well Opening

    Your well opening is the square hole you will cut in the ceiling leading to the upper level where the top of your staircase will provide access (or if you’re looking at it from the top down, the square hole in the floor at your feet that you will cut).

    If your staircase is leading up to a balcony or deck, you don’t have to worry about a well opening – because there is no “well”.

    Occasionally some customers want to have a round well, or a round well may already exist from a previous staircase. The Iron Shop Spiral Stair Kits come standard with square landings, however you can order a special round landing by calling 1-800-523-7427.

  • Height

  • Please select the finished Floor-To-Floor Height of your staircase in feet and inches. If your floor-to-floor height exceeds 12′ 8″ then please contact a sales representative to further assist you in your purchase. Thank you.

    Floor-To-Floor Height

    This measurement is the distance between the floor on the lower level of your staircase (where you enter the staircase to go up) and the floor on the upper level of your staircase (where you exit the staircase).

    If you have not yet cut a well into your ceiling, you must calculate the distance between the ceiling of the lower level and the floor of the upper level, including the height of your rafters, sub-floor (usually 3/4″ plywood) and the thickness of your finished floor (wood, tile, carpeting, or other).

  • Location

  • Please select the location of your staircase.
  • Direction

  • Please select the Direction of your staircase.


    Depending upon the placement of your staircase and the direction in which you enter and exit it, your spiral can be Right-Hand Up (the handrail and spindles for each step are on your right side and the center pole is on your left as you enter the staircase from the lower floor) or Left-Hand Up (the handrail and spindles for each step are on your left side and the center pole is on your right as you enter the staircase from the lower floor).

    The handrail and spindles are on the opposite side as you descend down the staircase from the upper floor.

    Whether you choose Right-Hand Up or Left-Hand Up makes no difference in the price of your Spiral Stair Kit.

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  • Accessories

  • Please select from the following list of available accessories for the spiral staircase you’ve configured.
  • $0.00

1-1/4" Diameter Aluminum Handrail

1-1/4" Diameter Brass Handrail

Aluminum Handrail Scroll Ends

Brass Handrail Scroll Ends

Single In-between Spindles

Double In-between Spindles

Smooth Steel Plate Tread & Landing

Raised Diamond Pattern Steel Plate Treads & Landing

1-1/16" Oak Mill Finish Tread Coverings & Landing

3/4" Plywood Tread Coverings & Landing

Riser Reduction Bar

Aluminum Dome Cap

Aluminum Ball Pole Cap

Brass Ball Pole Cap

Oak Ball Pole Cap

Flat Oak Pole Cap

Basket Top Pole Cap

Steel Balcony Landing Railing

Top Landing Gate

Well Rails - 3' Panel with 2 Posts

To determine how many you need use our stair configurator.

Primed Black Finish

Standard stair comes in a black primer. The staircase should be finish painted after assembly.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Finish

Is your exterior spiral staircase going to be exposed to harsh weather and wear? We highly recommend selecting our hot-tipped galvanized finish to ensure your spiral stairs maintain their look for years to come.


It looks like your floor-to-floor height exceeds 12′ 8.″ Please select a smaller height or contact a sales representative to further assist you in your purchase.

Thank you!