July 22, 2022

Customer Success Stories – Ryan Irwin

Customer Success Stories - Ryan Irwin


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At The Iron Shop, we hold a profound appreciation for quality craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and premium materials that are both beautiful and robust—elements that resonate in everything we create. As we step into the new year, we wanted to highlight some of...

Ryan Irwin had a problem. His home in Philadelphia’s historic Fairmount Park has a floor plan that severely restricts his options for installing a staircase between its floors. His hallways are very narrow and his indoor space has limited access points. An attempt to install a competing staircase product was unsuccessful and when he reached out to the company for support, he found them totally uninterested in helping him resolve his unique issue.

Disappointed with that experience, Irwin started looking for alternatives. He called The Iron Shop’s helpline and spoke directly with our President Allen Cohen, who explained that thanks to four generations of custom metal fabrication and spiral staircase engineering expertise, even in a situation such as this, with a very low margin for error, The Iron Shop could help him.

At Ryan’s request, we sent one of our professionals to his home to examine the site, determine why the previous attempt failed, and to take measurements for a new spiral staircase that was better suited to his house. We determined that the existing staircase layout was flawed and lacked specific size and type of landing.

Convinced that we were the answer to his problem, Ryan returned his original staircase and purchased a 5’ spiral staircase kit with handsome and durable aluminum handrails, which was manufactured and installed by The Iron Shop. The installation was overseen by Bill Hamilton, who has over three decades of experience with our team, and Mr. Irwin was absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Problem: A competing staircase provider sold the wrong product and then refused to provide support for it.

The Iron Shop Solution: We determined the correct staircase and included support every step of the way, from design consultation to installation.

The Iron Shop is defined by our dedication to delivering responsive and personalized customer service, smart solutions that enrich the look and functionality of any property, and the highest quality spiral staircases available anywhere. This is just one story among many of a customer who came to us with a special challenge that a competing firm was unable to address effectively.