May 12, 2023

Customer Success Story
– Devon Loerop

Customer Success Story - Devon Loerop


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Devon Loerop: The Pacific Bin

Cargo container homes are a newer type of modular and sustainable housing created by repurposing shipping containers, the large, sturdy steel boxes designed to carry goods on trucks, trains, and ships. In the last few years there has been growing interest in adapting these containers into housing. The containers are transformed into livable spaces by cutting windows and doors, insulating the walls, and adding necessary utilities like electricity, plumbing, and HVAC systems. They can be customized to suit various needs and preferences, from single units to multi-container structures.

Proponents point to the cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and durability of building with cargo containers, and one such early believer in this growing area of new home construction is Devon Loerop, a mechanical engineer living in the Pacific Northwest. He designed and built a container home vacation rental he dubbed the Pacific Bin in Sultan, WA, about an hour outside of Seattle. Built from five shipping containers, the Bin is a modern 1,600 square foot AirBnB rental with three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a powder room.

Devon knew from day one he wanted a spiral staircase, not only because of how great they look, but because they are so spatially efficient. In fact, he said he designed the entire home around the spiral staircase. It’s one of the main focal points of the project — which is saying something about a home engineered with a cantilevered shipping container! He did his due diligence and investigated several vendors, but no other team or product lived up to what The Iron Shop offered. He’d tried other spiral staircases, but they shook or rattled. The Iron Shop’s was rock solid.

The Pacific Bin actually has not one but two spiral staircases from The Iron Shop, one connecting the main floor to the bedroom and another on the exterior connecting the first and second floor decks. Loerop said he was thrilled with the support he got from The Iron Shop, including a complete walkthrough of the entire installation process. He worried that because container homes are different from traditional construction he would run into problems, but the Iron Shop was ready and able to explain how their kits can be installed in a building with lower ceilings.

Most of all, he loves how solid and durable both staircases feel. And their minimalist look matches the clean, Scandinavian style of the container home project. The Bin was a project that attempted to incorporate natural elements within a sleek and engineered setting. He achieved that by using warm wood tones to counterbalance the modern, industrial look of the metal construction. He chose hickory wood caps to match the hardwood flooring in the home.

Loerop’s project is one example of the growing interest in minimalism and tiny living; cargo container homes offer an appealing option for those looking to downsize or simplify their lives. And his takeaway from working with The Iron Shop was that he couldn’t be more pleased with how easy it was to make his dream project a reality. He loved how willing The Iron Shop’s staff was to work with him and how helpful they were. Other vendors just didn’t seem as interested, but The Iron Shop was thrilled to dive in and ensure he got the perfect staircase for his project — from the initial estimate through to the actual engineering.

Overall, Devon said he can’t recommend The Iron Shop enough!